Southern Minnesota Airports receiving a facelift

Minnesota will be building new and renovating current airports.

Congress has authorized a $564 million budget to build and upgrade airports in Southern Minnesota.

Some of the airports that are included in this budget are:

This spending is part of the government’s “Let us Get Back to Work” program, which is a program that will employ laid off construction workers and engineers. President Obama said, “This is a small price to pay to help folks out who want to work.”

But the president’s detractors say its just more spending. In the end, the “Lets Get Back to Work” program might cost $1 trillion.


One comment on “Southern Minnesota Airports receiving a facelift

  1. Good headline and subhead that could have been made great if you had SEO’d them to read Southern Minnesota airports. That’s the only way we’re going to end up on the top of a Google search with this story, right?

    Also, Let’s = Let us. +8/10

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