Which Twitter app best suits your needs?

Receiving news has become so much easier with the advent of Twitter.

Anyone who has a Twitter account can follow anything that is being tweeted at anytime. There are many 3rd party applications that make it so much easier to follow a certain subject. For example, some of the top apps are twitterrific, tweetscan and twitterfall.

For a class project we were suppose to use certain applications of Twitter to see how they offer different sources and different types of tweets regarding the Susan G. Komen for  Cure and Planned Parenthood debacle. The main issue surrounding this is the Komen for Cure cut ties with Planned Parenthood. Without Twitter and its wide variety of apps it would’ve been hard to follow this issue and get a definite hold of the situation at hand.

Starting with twitterrific I was first put off by it because it has to first be downloaded on to a computer for followers to gain access to this app. After downloading it I was thoroughly impressed because it is very easy to search for specific hash tags or a specific topic and it pulled all the recent tweets about Komen or Planned Parenthood into one search area. I would have to rate this app a 6 out of 10 only because it had to be downloaded.

Twitterfall is a very neat and organized website and any user can log in to this program via the web with their twitter account information. It is a live chat with the most current tweets about any topic a user wanted to look up. The tweets come flowing down the screen with a waterfall effect, which really caught my attention. With twitterfall being quite user friendly I would rate this app a 7 out of 10 because of its usability.

Tweetscan was by far the easiest app to use. It’s the “Google” of hash tags. Followers can access whichever hash tag or topic they want without signing in with their account information, but do have the option to sign in if they want to submit a response or comment. This app definitely receives a 10 out of 10 because it is more of a research tool than a tweet machine.