Higher Education: Value Over Cost

President Obama says value of higher education should be stressed to students

Bush Administration says that American higher education has become “increasingly risk-averse, at times self-satisfied and unduly expensive.”

Unemployment figures are still high and many high-tech companies are unhappy about the lack of highly trained workers. College-drop out figures is very high as well!

  • About 40% of students who attend a 4-year university are not graduating.
  • About 40% of students who pursue a 2-year degree either graduate or transfer.
  • 1/5 of full-time community college students do not return for a 2nd year

According to the Bush administration, literacy among college students has declined in the past decade.

Lets take a look at what we are getting for our money. Not only the students are affected but also the federal government.

  • Student who graduate with loans are more than $25 thousand in debt
  • The federal government pours $140 billion annually into grants and loans

President Obama thinks post-secondary schools should put more emphasis on not only the cost of the education but also the success of those who do graduate.


One comment on “Higher Education: Value Over Cost

  1. “figures ARE very high” “Let’s take a look”

    In your listing, keep statistics uniform: 40%, 40% and 20% (instead of 1 out of 5)

    The subhead, in which you compare the Obama to the Bush administration, should be mentioned in your story, correct? Otherwise, why would it be in your subshead.

    Good job over all, Joe. +8/10

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