Journalism as we know it…

In the near future, people will only be able to receive the news online rather physically holding and reading a paper. It is a sad but true fact for a couple of reasons, the evolution of technology and publishing news online is not only quick but also cheap. When print news started out there was the printing press with old metal type created by Johannes Gutenberg, which was unheard of back then! Then print journalism went to what we are all used to are the electronic printing presses. In my opinion, print journalism is starting to phase out because of the Internet. Even though, there are people who still enjoy the feel of a physical paper in their hand and have the ink roll on to their fingertips; however, many people now read the news on electronic devices such as laptops, tablets or even smart phones!

The advent of Twitter will take online journalism to a whole new level. Twitter is a website where someone can only publish 140 characters. A news site can “tweet” a title with a shortened link to the story, and that way someone can read the title and if the are interested they can choose to read the story or not.

Most documentaries out there are definitely informative and not entertaining, but this is not the case for “Page One: Inside the New York Times” it was an excellent film because it was not only informative but also entertaining at the same time. The 2 main characters that I thoroughly enjoyed were David Carr and Brian Stelter.

Being from Minnesota I couldn’t help but feeling so happy for David Carr, a columnist for the New York Times who concentrates on writing for National award shows such as the Golden Globes and Academy Awards not only is he a native of Minnesota but is also a recovering addict. It is so neat to know of a fellow Minnesotan be so successful. Carr is so outspoken and doesn’t care how it’s said as long as he gets his message across. For example, he was at the intelligence2 debate and was talking about how news aggregators are stealing news from the mainstream media. He was showing a print out of the main page for and said, “this is a great site and people should check it out,” and then held up another sheet that had all the main stream media cut out, which looked like Swiss cheese, and stated, “this is what their site would look like without the mainstream media,” then Carr smiled.

Brian Stelter, a media reporter for the New York Times, and is constantly with a computer or media device to spread word out on what is going on in the world. The main story Stelter covered in the documentary was the Wikileak’s scandal. It was very interesting to see him on the phone, laptop and a 2nd computer all at the same time without mixing them up!

This film is not just a must see for people interested in journalism, but for everybody. Like I stated before it is not only informative but entertaining ant the same time. I only highlighted two of the main characters, but there are so many more interesting people involved in this film. This is a MUST SEE!!


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